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AWS Data And Analysis

Big Data and Analytics solutions with Cloud iQS

Organize your data sources, transform data into relevant information, with relevant information generate insights that provide greater competitive advantage for your business.

Big data technology is a new generation of revolutionary information technology with data as its essence, and data analysis is a powerful invisible asset. 

Many companies are now undergoing transformation. Collecting data and applying analysis results to business decisions in real time has become the key to companies
Therefore , AWS push the Data & Analytics Competency program to assist businesses in an efficient manner offline data centre migration to the AWS cloud on the environment, to explore appropriate data management solutions through advanced cloud data analysis techniques. 

As a consulting partner with the core qualifications of Amazon Web Services , CloudiQS can help you achieve your Data modelling on the Cloud. 

CloudiQS for Banking & Finance

What can CloudiQS do For you

Whether you are looking to integrate your data into analytics-ready systems or build a scalable big data solution from scratch,
our seasoned team of big data engineers will help you maximise the return on your investment.

Main Benefits of a
Data Strategy

Comprehensive big data Organisation

Comprehensive big data Organisation

Leverage our big data consulting services to evaluate your current capabilities and take them further with a strategy to reveal the true value of big data for your business goals.

Seamless big data Integrations Quality

Seamless big data Integrations Quality

To embrace the variety of big data sources, we integrate systems, data, and processes across your IT ecosystem into a single manageable silo so that your enterprise can look for the right answers without missing critical details.

Scalable Big Data Infrastructure

Scalable Big Data Infrastructure

CloudiQS architects design robust, high performing big data solutions that leverage on-premise and cloud-based data storages to ensure easy upscaling while staying within your budget.

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