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Reliability, Security and Scalability

Customer Challenges

The company’s IT team began to feel pressure to maintain the infrastructure and keep up with the growing needs of the database. The company needs a cloud-based solution that provides scalability and advanced security measures to protect company data.

Secure / with No single point of Failure

Our Solution

CloudiQS’s first phase was to create a new secure VPC with related networking components with 3 tier networking layer, public private and restricted.

We partnered with the client to migrate their  Windows database to Amazon RDS, a fully managed relational database service that offers scalable storage capacity and advanced security measures. 

The migration process has several phases, including:

  • Evaluation of the current database: Our team worked with the customer to evaluate the current database, conducted an audit to identify potential problems and risks, and determined which data and applications needed to migrate to Amazon RDS.
  •  Amazon RDS instance:  Our team then selected an Amazon RDS instance that met the client’s business needs for storage capacity, performance, and security in AWS.
  •  Instance configuration:  Our team configured and customized the Amazon RDS instance to meet the client’s business needs and established connectivity between the Amazon RDS instance and existing applications. for the customer-based traffic. 
  •  Data migration: We migrated the data from the existing database to the Amazon RDS instance and performed extensive testing to ensure the data migration was correct and applications performed as expected.
  •  Production: Once migration and testing were complete, we commissioned the system and provided ongoing support to ensure that the system ran efficiently in AWS 
Cost savings. secure and fully Redundant

The Results

The client’s MSSQL database migration to Amazon RDS was an astounding success for the customer. 

By moving its database to the cloud, the company was able to relieve its IT team of the burden of infrastructure maintenance and focus on its core business. 

In addition, the company increased its data security, as Amazon RDS provides advanced security measures to protect company data. Amazon RDS’s scalability also enabled the company to handle the future growth of its database
efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Overall, migrating to Amazon RDS was a successful solution for the company and allowed it to focus on its core business without worrying about infrastructure management.

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