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ValidSoft Limited - Biometric Software

AWS Migrations

Validsfot.com ValidSoft secures transactions with services that are incredibly simple for the user. ValidSoft remove the need for PINs, passwords, and security questions. Built around voice biometrics, multi-factor authentication protects Online, Smartphone, Card and Telephone transactions. ValidSoft work in the Enterprise, Financial Services and Government sectors.

ValidSoft team wanted to ensure their AWS environment was well-architected in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible to support this anticipated growth. 
Phase 2 of the workstream was to migrate the Windows workloads from colo to AWS
As part of this Validsoft engaging CloudiQS to review their AWS environment and send report highlight any potential improvements that could be made to their AWS infrastructure.
Reliability, Security and Scalability

Customer Challenges

This work is planned to be delivered on multiple phases.

ValidSoft, unexpected business growth, increased the needed to expand additional biometrics product services and expanding their hosting to use other AWS Services

ValidSoft core business directly depends upon its core biometric backend which is hosted on premise. Few minutes of downtime translates into direct loss of customers impacts.

1- Frequent downtimes during load on their on premise hosting.

2. Unable to match access on physical Windows Domain Controls.

3. Unable to scale database for shorter duration due to licensing issues and hardware unavailability.

4. Uneven traffic distributed usage will be high only during admissions & results, infrastructure agility  most imperative component on the expected solutions – Scaling up more servers during admissions & scaling down after the admissions are over

This included the different system tiers in order to maintain both the end user experience and integration with the different marketplaces.

Purposed Architecture Solutions

Our Solution

CloudiQS Enterprise Cloud Architects worked with the Validsoft infra team to migrate their core biometric backend MS SQL Server (Data Bases ) on AWS and keeping in mind for the cost, scalability & security.

The proposed solution will enable ValidSoft to scale from a minimal-set of users-to thousands at any given time. To accomplish this, requirement, the solution was implemented using services such as AWS Autoscale , AWS EC2 Windows Servers, AWS Elastic Load balancer and AWS S3, and creating a Microsoft SQL Server Across 3 availability zones

● A highly scalable and available web architecture was proposed on AWS for this workload.

● Application was designed using core Windows language such C++ and .Net with Dependencies to windows Active Directory Services 

● AWS Auto Scaling will manage un Healthy EC2instances. AWS Auto Scaling will ensure minimum EC2 instances are always running, subject to traffic demand, or in event of failure , new instances will be launched within seconds automatically.

● To ensure on high availability the image of the application server has been launched in another availability zone to make sure the application availability if any disaster or a primary Availability Zone goes down.

●  MS SQL Server ( hosted on Ec2) and user access control setup through Windows Active Directory  and for authentication feature of Windows AD Service.

● Buffer pool extension implementation across all MS SQL DB on windows EC2 to address high memory utilisation issue, using Provisioned IOPS dedicated EBS volume used as BPE (Buffer pool extension drive).

● All SQL Db EC2 Servers integrated with Cloudwatch and AWS SNS via AWS CLI in SQL job to trigger failure alerts to subscribed recipients in all windows SQL ec2.


Cost savings. secure and fully Redundant

The Results

● MS SQL server with almost 10000 IOPS running on latest hardware has been performing seamlessly without any downtime.

● Servers could handle a consistent load of over 20000 to 25000 sessions without any downtime.

● Biometric application backend performance was maintained as Core and RAM usage was maintained below 80% due to Auto Scale.

●  Infrastructure cost was reduced to 1/10th of what was originally expected by the customer since scalability and monitoring were automated multiple proactive steps were taken for hassle-free business continuity.

●  Automated deployment for SQL Server 2019 Enterprise edition running on Windows Server 2019.

● AWS Systems Manager Automation, AWS  Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) we used to deploy a multi-node SQL Always On availability group with database replication

●  Integrated AWS CLI in SQL job to take differential and a full backup to S3 on all windows SQL EC2 Servers

Architecture Overview

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