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Over the past years, Modestano outgrown their environments needs for Cloud.
The needs for implementing cloud based scalable and flexible cost model for their customers. 

Reliability, Security and Scalability

Customer Challenges

Modestano needed help with its AWS simplifications initiatives for their current AWS infrastructure, by clearing up unwanted AWS services and increase the flexibility, security, reliability and cost transparency for their web applications. 

Modestano had no ability to auto-scale during their pick times and often the website was going down, costing them unwanted experience for their customers. 

Modestano also would like to discover a wider AWS services features including, API Gateway, EC2, RDS, Load-balancing and Flexible S3 auto archiving features. 

In addition – Modestano would utilise a set of automations for events of monitoring such as cloud trials and SQS/ SNS when problems are occurred 

Secure / with No single point of Failure

Our Solution

Cloudformations templates stack were used to build the VPC and related networking dependencies for the services 

CloudiQS first phase was by migrating Windows related dependencies from on-premise systems that was integrated to the main website that consisted a multiple back-end web servers.
Created a new secure VPC with related networking components. Placed securely behind a multi-node load balancer and a multi-availability zone database for the application
back end. The website can withstand multiple server failures without downtime. As with any public facing service security is a key aspect to consider.
CloudiQS also introduced a least privileged security controls for the developers and their remote engineers, given the ability to access what they require and in order to access any resources and enabled multi-factor authentication as a required.

The company also realizes greater infrastructure agility, flexibility, elasticity and global availability, and significant annual cost savings with AWS.

Cost savings. secure and fully Redundant

The Results

  • AWS Organisations:  Created a single consolidated billing for both accounts Dev and Prod.
  • Dev / Prod Environment’s:  Created sperate accounts for each environments within a secure VPC 
  • Amazon RDS: Backend that spread across multiple availability zones for high-availability.
  • Lambda / API Gateway: allowing the systems to integrate with third parities.
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk: for managed Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Group, spread across 2 Availability Zones for scalability and maximum fault tolerance.
  • Amazon ELB to balance traffic across the instances.
  • Amazon S3 object storage for static files.
  • Amazon CloudFront: related for edge caching, to reduce overall load on the system by caching where appropriate.
  • AWS CloudTrail: to monitor the IAM actions taking place on the account.

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