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270 Vision Services
Remote Patient Assessment

AWS Well-Architected
270 Vision Limited

Before a patient leaves the hospital or during the pre-operative period, the clinician uses BPMpathway to create a personalised post-operative support programme to meet the patient’s individual needs, which they can undertake in the comfort of their own home. The programme, which a patient will typically be asked to undertake three times a day, is a combination of tests to determine pain, range and quality of motion and physiotherapy exercises to help with rehabilitation.

Reliability, Security and Scalability

Customer Challenges

As a Solution provider, CloudiQS needed to ensure 270 Vision Limited met and exceeded all their security requirements. 270 Vision Limited wanted to review their existing practices and proactively apply necessary remediations. 

With an emphasis on Cost optimization and Security, CloudiQS worked with 270 Vision Limited team to ensure their cloud architecture aligned with AWS Best Practices for “Well Architecture”.

Secure / with No single point of Failure

Our Solution

CLoudiQS conducted an AWS Well-Architecture review on the infrastructure workload. 

This involved  a review of their  “AWS Well Architecture Framework” which gave them recommendations for long-term stability and minimising the risk of daily business interruptions

  • Use the Well-Architected tool to evaluate your workloads based on the five pillars
  • Validate that high availability, failover, and auto-scaling are configured
  • Tag resources effectively for the allocation of costs
  • Analyze resource utilization over time and right size as needed
Cost savings. secure and fully Redundant

The Results

  • Upgraded the RDS Server to latest Version of SQL 
  • Secured investments to help reduce risk
  •  Focused time on work that drives improvements
  • Consolidated workloads and best practices across the enterprise
  • Reduced Risk and increased security across its workloads.

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